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Posted Feb-10-2018 1:47 PM

Chapter 4: Conquest

Draconus and his army moved through Central America, taking the desolate land with ease. He and his forces made it to South America, getting their first glimpse of the land from a cliff overlooking the Amazon Rainforest, much of which was ravaged by deforestation. The Draconian Prince didn't even remove his helmet, as the destroyed landscape only fueled his hatred for the people of Earth.

His men set up a camp as he looked at the land, brooding in the night. His brother, Draconor, watched him and tried to talk to Draconus, who sensed him. "What do you want?"

Draconor responded, "I want to help you. You've been introverted and don't socialise with anyone. What's wrong?"

Draconus hesitated. Even though Draconith had treated him with kindness, preparation for the conquest of Earth had consumed most of his time. It often left him exhausted, and his struggles in battle made him feel like the world was working against him. He isolated himself from others, burying him deeper within the pit of depression. At last, he said, "Nothing."

The next day, the Draconian forces made their way through the Amazon Rainforest. Draconus sensed a fierce presence gazing upon him. He could feel the eyes of a predator fixed on him, and he turned around to see a Jaguar leap at him. However, it was larger than the Jaguar that was known by the humans of Earth; it was a descendant of Panthera onca. This individual was a large male, fifteen feet long and five feet and six inches tall.

The feline pounced on Draconus, attempting to crush his skull with a bone-crushing bite. However, the human used his physical strength to hold the cat's mouth open and throw him into a tree. The Light Jaguar then tried to do this again, only to be punched in the chest and fall back. He lowered his head in submission to Draconus, who he viewed as a master.

Draconus was shocked, but then realised that he now had a steed and companion, the first friend he had made since his brothers. Using his helmet's contact system, he called his brother. "Mobilise our troops. It's time to make a fine addition to my collection."


At the edge of the forest, the humans were continuing to cut down trees. Suddenly, one of them collapsed as a grip like a vice crushed his leg. Before anyone could see what had attacked him, he was dragged away and killed. The people here, some of which were soldiers, were now on alert. Someting pounced on another human, but before they could fire at it, it leaped away.

Suddenly, a holy blade flew through the air, impaling one soldier through the skull. Everyone turned in shock to see the sword return to the hand of its user - none other than Draconus Tyrannus. The son of Draconox used a Force Repulse to kill all of them, but more troops were on the way. His Light Jaguar companion, named Crusher, prowled the grounds next to him.

They saw an army charging at them, and Tyrannus motioned for Crusher to hide in the forest. He stood against them alone--or so it would seem.

Suddenly, from the treetops, Draconian troopers began to open fire on the humans, who began to fall one by one. Draconus himself annihilated an entire legion of men with Force Fire. He also used the Force to hurl the massive trunks of the fallen trees, crushing them beneath their weight. All that was left now was their leader, who also happened to be a poacher. From within the rainforest, Crusher snarled, as his memory replayed the day this man killed his parents. He had been only a cub, hiding in the bushes as his parents were shot down in cold blood.

Tyrannus was shocked as the poacher flipped over him and tried to lock him in a choke-hold from behind. However, the Draconian merely reached behind him, and, using his sheer strength, not even boosted by the Force--crushed his skull, reducing it to bloody fragments of bone and skin. Crusher watched this with joy and immediately ran out to disembowel the corpse. Draconus was surprised by how easy this land had fallen, as he said, "All too easy."

Word of the conquest of the American supercontinent spread across the globe. The name Draconus Tyrannus became one that was feared by the humans. Across Eurasia, Africa, and Australia, what was left of the human race began to rally their forces.

"I neva freeze" - Black Panther


Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Feb-10-2018 3:10 PM

Legendary chapter, of Godlike proportions. The amount of depth and detail echoed through this chapter is the best I have ever seen from you. I eagerly await Chapter 5, let it be longer!

 "An Empire of power for many, an Empire of hope for most."-MSE

Something Real

Feb-10-2018 3:39 PM

TYRANNOS - This was an exceedingly interesting chapter! I liked the combat you introduced along with the tactical descriptions! Fantastic work! :)

Dragon King Ultrazero80

Feb-10-2018 3:51 PM

That was pretty good, Tyrannos.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Abel: The Hooded Figure

Feb-11-2018 5:26 PM

I really liked this chapter, Tyrannos. This was, indeed, very good. I look forward to more. Keep up the great work.

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