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Assault on the Well of Night (Part 1) (Unlocked Section)

Assault on the Well of Night (Part 1) (Unlocked Section)

Something Real



Posted Feb-05-2018 12:40 AM

(The following Section, "Omen's Reflections", was unlocked as a result of the actions of Isaac, Jax, Scire, Tyrannos and Zan while dealing with Omen.)

(The following music selection was chosen for this Section. If you choose to listen to it, it may enhance your overall enjoyment.)

    ...And so, here she was.

    Within the dark of the Void Pier, amidst the lightless crags and spires of the ancient asteroid, Omen gazed up slowly upon the mighty doors of the Well of Night. Once her prison. Recently her lair. And now... "My battleground..."she softly whispered as the bio-digital lashes branching from her shoulders shifted gently behind her. 

She could hear Zan's voice "We'll find a way...". Then Jax's words "Not everything is set, Omen...". Both were followed by Scire's statement "We won't give up on you...". Behind them, she could hear Tyrannos's words "You don't have to follow a set path...". Yet, holding them all together once more were Isaac's words to her "The right path for you may be harder for you than the opposite - but it does exist and always will..."

    "...and always will..." she softly whispered to herself as she slowly stepped forward toward the Well of Night's massive doors - her bare feet softly touching down upon the cold stone. Holding her hand out before her, Omen slowly utilized the Force to push the 100,000 tons of metal composing the doors aside as Force Shadows began to rise up around her darkly-luminous form. Within the grand hall, many a terrible beast long forgotten within the dark leered out at her. "Mistress Omen...?" said one of the terrible things as its claws flexed "Have you returned to guide us out to slay the Sentients and their allies? Murmur longs for release! He longs for his plans to at last come to fruition!"

    Stepping forward slowly and elegantly as a smile played across her darkly beautiful features, Omen gently moved back a few strands of her silk-white hair and, winking to the monstrous thing who spoke, softly and sweetly said "I have come..." She strode forward in an almost seductive manner as her burning eyes took in all of the creatures around her "...to bury you." Eyes wideing in shock at Omen's statement, the creature whom spoke never had the chance to retort - for his body suddenly vanished into a torrent of hellish flame. As the creature burned to slag, the others began to shriek and roar - hurling themselves in fury at Omen. Laughing as she held her clawed hands out, Omen's gaze fell upon each of the mutants and nightmares around her - causing them to immolate into screaming balls of flame which quickly fell to ash. Yet, there were thousands and thousands more. More to slake her bloodlust and pained desire for vengeance.

   Turning about to a massive horde onrushing inmates, Omen held up a clawed hand and blew a kiss to them - sending forth a turrent of Force Flames which burned them to glowing cinders in the blink of an eye. Holding her hands out, she drew the burning ashes to her with the Force, causing them to orbit her shapely form briefly before sending them out in a burning field to incinerate countless hundreds more of the monsters which charged her. Striding forward amidst the wavering heat, flames and swirling embers, Omen winked at an onrushing beast of scales and fangs easily twice her size - causing it to vanish and instantly reappear behind her. Laughing as the monster careened to its death into the roiling flames behind her, Omen held her hands out and harnessed the Force once again.

    Drawing forth two of the mutant inmates to her glowing claws, Omen clenched her hands into fists - engulfing both cretures in flames before throwing them with intense force at yet more of the monsters assailing her. As hundreds more of the ancient prison's inmates were burned to dust, Omen slowly continued her walk forward amidst the massive halls of chains and barred cells, her eyes burning with hellish energy in the drk as she screamed out "MURMUR!" Drawing another inmate to her hands via the Force, Omen utilized one of her more terrible powers - flash-burning the creature to pure energy which she then scattered out in a wave to incinerate yet more of her once-minions. Gasping slightly as a large and powerful monstrousity with many limbs suddnely grabbed her from behind, latching onto and coiling around her body and limbs, Omen suddenly engulfed her entire form in flames as hot as a galactic core. Without time to be surprised, the creature which had grabbed Omen simply melted to basic component molecules as she gently landed upon her feet and continued her slow walk of destruction through the Well of Night - clenching her hands in fists once more and screaming "MURMUR!"

    Within his demi-realm of suspended existence, Murmur slowly opened his burning eyes at the sound of Omen's cries - and he suddenly felt her mind. It had happened. What he had feared had begun within her had fully actulized. Those miserable organics and the False Emperor had broken his hold on her. She was, truly Omen once again. SHE WAS A SENTIENT ONCE MORE...

    Striding forward through drifts of ash and flame which had once been terrible things rushing forward to attack her, Omen stopped for a brief moment to look upon her reflection within an ancient wall fashioned from heat-cleared metal. Her beautiful form gazed back upon her with terrible, burning eyes. This was what she was - and foreever would be. This would be what Murmur saw...before she burned him entirely from existence - body, mind and soul. Not bothering to look at the creatures she heard rushing toward her - keeping her eyes upon her reflection - Omen continued to gaze upon her reflection and held a glowing, bio-digital hand out toward her newly arrived foes. In instant, she utilized Force Repulse upon a wall of roiling flame beside her, sending out waves of zero-gravity flame to break upon the oncoming creatures like water - burning them to molten slag as she stepped past them.

    His voice, Murmur's voice, suddenly echoed through the air around her - booming amidst the crackling flames. "OMEN? HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR PURPOSE WITH ME, MY BEAUTY...?" Smiling as she walked slowly forward, using her bio-digital lashes to split dozens of mutants to bloody fragments, Omen softly and seductively answered Murmur "Of course not, my "master". I am coming to comfort you...to hold you in my arms..." Using the Force to draw an inmate to her hands - coiling her bladed shoulder-lashes around it - Omen continued by screaming "...AND LEAVE NOTHING OF YOU BUT A RUMOR OF SUFFERING WHICH WILL HAUNT THE MULTIVERS FOR EONS!". With those words, Omen simply pried the inmate she held apart with one quick jerk of her claws and lashes.

    As Omen continued forward - making her way toward Murmur's Sanctum Hall - Murmur's terrible voice boomed again "WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE TO CHALLENGE ME, SENTIENT? YOU ARE, AND ALWAYS SHALL BE, MINE. YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE ME." As Murmur's words rolled through the air like distant thunder, Omen suddenly saw them: a squad of Murmur's High Guardians. His Knights. Dread Knights.

(The following music selection was chosen for this Section. If you choose to listen to it, it may enhance your overall enjoyment.)


    Walking forward slowly, the terrible energies of their forms radiating from blackened armor, Malice-forged armaments and shields, the Dread Knights slowly locked their lines, hundreds strong, before Omen - presenting staggered walls of hateful will to repell her. Smiling as she continued to walk forward, Omen softly said "What do I have to challenge...you? I have nothing of my own...but..." Placing a hand to her chest, Omen softly said "...I have my friends..." With those words, Omen suddenly rushed forward at her greatest speed, her claws and lashes raised as she gave a furious cry - Force Shadows rising around her. The Dread Knights simply awaited the charge - unmoved and unflinching. Holding a clawed hand out, Omen suddenly drew the blades of the Knights' in the first row from their hands and sent them hurtling back through their heads at 0.50% the speed of light - dropping over 150 of them in a thunderous clatter as the others of their terrible vangurd suddenly charged her in a waves of blades and Mlice energy.

   Meeting her enermies head-on, Omen softly said "I have Zan - his courage. His UNWLLINGNESS TO GIVE UP ON ME!" Throwing out a claw to catch one of the Dread Knights' blades as it arched down upon her, Omen melted the entire being to slag - from sword blade to armored toe. Crying out in pain as another of the Dread Knights' blades suddenly slashed a molten groove through the small of her back, spilling glowing, bio-digital blood, Omen turned and softly said "I have Jax. His certainty. His sureness that I CAN CHANGE!" Wrapping her lashes around yet another of the Dread Knights, Omen suddenly unleashed twin beams of deep-red energy from her hands - burning holes through the bieng's skull and destroying it. Dodging countless more slashes and pulses of enegry with fluid motions of her beautiful form, Omen unleashed a Force Shockwave - staggering back the entire regiment of Dread Knights as she said "I have Scire. His ingenuity. His ability to see a solution in even THE MOST HOPELESS TASKS!." Unleashing a scintilating wave of deep-red, flame-infused Force Lightning - destroying over  hundred more wicked foes - Omen shouted in pain once more as another of the Dread Knights struck her harshly with a pulse of destructive Malice energy and slammed into her with its mace and shield to pin her to a wall - causing the bio-digital skin upon her left shoulder to crack and fracture into burning lines. Breathing heavily, Omen let loose a furious cry and threw her hands wide, unleashing a beam of Force Flame which melted her attacking and over seven dozen more of the Dread Knights down to subatomic particles.

    Levelling her burning eyes upon the other Knights as they slowly closed in upon her, glowing blood and biodigital fragments falling away from her wounds, Omen smiled faintly and said "I have Tyrannos. His fortitude. His unwavering ability to FIGHT THROUGH TO WHATEVER END!" Leaping forward and slamming her shoulder into the shield of one of the Knights, destroying the being utterly amidst a shockwave of energy which staggered all the others of its squad, Omen leapt into the air amidst the ashes of the Dread Knight she slew and slowly rotated elegantly upward. Coming to hover above her foes, looking down upon them with calm, burning anger in her eyes, Omen softly said "I have...Isaac. His clarity of vision and purity of strength. His ability to see things for what they truly are...AND BE UNBOWED BY EVEN THE GREATEST OF FOES!" With these words, Omen surrounded herself in a corona of roiling flame and Force Shadows before slamming back to the ground in a knelt position at 0.76% the speed of light - unleashing a shockwave of Universal Flame which destroyed the ranks of the Dred Knights down to a single wrrior. However, as Omen stood, the last of the Knights suddenly charged forward and deftly slashed her heavily across the stomach with its Malace-forged blade - drawing a deep, glowing line just abover her naval and kicking her heavily back. Shouting in pain and staggering back and slamed into a wll, Omen retaliated in the blink of an eye - leaping forward and bringing one of her legs up above her head in a savage kick which swiftly decapatated the Dread Knight amidst a flash of molten flame and force shadows from her leg and bare foot.

(The following music selection was chosen for this Section. If you choose to listen to it, it may enhance your overall enjoyment.)

    As the last of the Dread Knights fell, Omen breathed out and placed a clawed hand to her stomach - the glowing blood flowing between her fingers. She was not out of this yet - and she knew it. Murmur still had legions of the Dread Knights at his disposal. And they were the least of her concerns. However, as she looked down, Omen suddenly heard Murmur's voice once again roll above and through her. "IS THAT ALL YOU BRING AGAINST ME...SLAVE?" As Murmur's voice echoed through the air like an avalanche upon tidal waves, the air before Omen suddenly blossomed into a roiling conflagration so intense she had to raise a hand to shield her eyes. Striding forward from the rift of quantum energy before Omen, his footfalls thundering, Murmur's immense form slowly materialized from the intense light as he softly laughed - a sound like lightning splitting a mountain peak. "IS THAT TURLY ALL, SENTIENT? THE WELL-WISHES OF A FEW WORTHLESS ORGANICS AND YOUR FONDNESS FOR THE FALSE EMPEROR? THESE ARE NOT WEAPONS WHICH CAN PIERCE EVEN MY SIMPLEST DESIRE..."

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    Lowering her clawed hand as she slowly looked up upon the massive form of her once-master, Omen softly said "No. That is not all..." Keeping her burning eyes upon the monstrous form of Murmur as her own form began to increase slowly in size - molten metal beginning to stream from the corners of her mouth as she smiled faintly - Omen flexed her glowing claws as she stretched her back with resounding cracks. Watching Omen as molten metal and flame spilled from his mouth, eyes and the great fissures upon his armored form, Murmur said "WHAT...THEN...DO YOU HAVE LEFT...?"

    Opening her burning eyes to look upon Murmur as confidence and hatred blossomed within them, Omen harnessed the Force once more to draw the burning embers which were once Murmur's Dread Knights to orbit around her and him like a fiery and leathal arena - preventing either of them from escaping. Walking forward slowly toward her once-master, her shoulder lashes flowing out at her sides as their bladed edges glowed, Omen softly said "I have the love of my sisters..." Trembling from emotional pain and rage, Omen shouted "MY SISTERS - WHOM YOU DECIEVED INTO MURDERING ME!" As she loosed her damning words upon Murmur, Omen charged forward as bio-digital flames blossomed upon her in a nightmarish and destructive corona - her Force-charged claws and shoulder lashes streaking forward to rend Murmur assunder.

   Laughing softly as he and Omen locked burning eyes, Murmur simply awaited her. "COME TO ME, MY BEAUTY..."

To be continued...


Dragon King Ultrazero80

Feb-05-2018 7:26 AM

That was pretty good, SR.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Lord Tyrannos

Feb-05-2018 7:54 AM

I knew Murmur would be the villain

"I neva freeze" - Black Panther

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Feb-05-2018 8:04 AM

This was fantastically done.

I loved your use of Dread Knights from Calamity's arsenal.

It is consistent with Murmur's background. I eagerly anticipate the coming chapters, great work.

 "An Empire of power for many, an Empire of hope for most."-MSE

Abel: The Hooded Figure

Feb-05-2018 8:36 AM

(Had to edit comment with "Enter" since most was cutoff.)

This was really great, SR.

I really like Omen is fighting back, and wants to break free.

Also enjoyed the descriptive actions you placed regarding the fighting and Murmur.

Look forward to more.

Sci-Fi King25

Feb-05-2018 12:43 PM

Really liked it SR. 

Forum signatures are always so hard to come up with...


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