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Victorinox INOX: The Ideal Choice for a Durable Wristwatch

Victorinox INOX: The Ideal Choice for a Durable Wristwatch

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Many of us know about the Victorinox knives which is said to be one of the most durable and finest options in the market. The brand is also known to many for its high quality luggage and backpacks. Now the same brand just took the world of stylish watches by storm by launching an ultra-durable watch made of material used for space shuttle. The watch looks sophisticated besides offering an ultra-tough built.

Victorinox INOX: the toughness redefined

As soon as you receive the Victorinox INOX and wear it in your wrist you are bound to realise it as the most durable watch that you may not have found elsewhere before. Just to explain the toughness that this watch offers, you can drop it from as high as 10 meters or just drive a 64 ton tank over it and you still find it apiece together. This awesome durability and toughness are what what made Victorinox unparalleled in the watch market. Just in case you are curious to find Best Buy options from a retailer selling this watch enquiry about Ticwatches Victorinox and grab the best deal from Tic Watches on this very special watch model.

Popular colour options

Talking about the available colour options for the watch band, Victorinox INOX comes with quite a variety of colour options for the watch face and the strap. Black, green and red are the three popular colour options for the watch to give you a pop bright look. There are also camouflage strap available offering you a slightly different macho look.

The design of the dial

It is basically a toolwatch and this makes Victorinox INOX come with a truly legible dial with a very clean design allowing optimum ease of watching time and date over a 24 hour time scale. This can remind you of the Swiss army watch that used to come with similar composition in respect of all constituent aspects such as dial, hands, markers, etc. The watch has been designed with a well thought-out design and it is evident with the way the dial elements offer luminous effects at night. This makes it exceptionally easy for reading watch time at a glance.

Compass Bumper

This exceptionally designed watch also comes with a compass bumper which works as the protective shell around the watch. This obviously serves the primary purpose of a compass allowing you navigate through your ways traditionally. For an expensive watch like this such a old world feature can be seen as out of place but it actually gives the watch a tradition infused style which is similar to the retro effect in many fashion accessories.

A heavy quartz watch

Victorinox INOX is a large quartz watch offering 43mm diameter and a thick solid built with the compass bumper included. Weighing 140 grams it is supposed to be quite heavy on the wrist. But if all this bulk really do not interfere too much with your preference for style, it can be an ideal watch for people who are looking for extraordinary toughness and solidity.

A comfort watch choice

When it comes to the consideration about comfort, the stiff watch strap is something that one will find something to get habituated over a time. The sandpaper like feeling of the strap surface on the skin is something that we need to get used to over time. But when you get used to the strap on your wrist, you find it most comfortable. Another thing that bothered some people initially is the way the strap really opens and closes with the clasp. Yes, closing it may require a few seconds compared to the usual straps.

Considerations on Pricing

Now when it comes to the price this piece of quartz watch is not really a cheaper one with a price tag of €599 Euro. But if you are one of those people who have a taste for fine watchmaking and high quality designer watches, the price will not be felt as too much for an exceptionally solid timepiece like this. It offers an truly impressive tough case that comes with very subtle and elegant finish, unmatched legibility and top grade shock and water resistance capability. All such stuff gets packed under a cool watch face which is ready to hug your wrist with a smooth and stylish cool strap. The ultimate selling point for this impressive piece of timepiece is its cool design and material solidity.

Final Verdict

When you need to take call on buying this watch, you are bound to agree on one point that within such a price range you cannot find a quality Swiss watch with the similar specs and quality casing. This is why it can be a great buy for anyone spending more time outdoor activities or someone looking for durability without totally missing the stylistic element of a wristwatch.

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